5 things not worth doing when setting up a kid’s room

There are lots of things that seem like a good, but are a complete waste of time when it comes to organizing spaces for kids. I have now set up two playrooms, two nurseries and one toddler room. I say this as if it gives me some street cred…but it does!! I have learned a […]

Think blank thoughts

Some nights, I wish I had an “off” switch for my brain. Tonight is one such night considering I started “writing” this post in my head, while I was already tucked under my comfy duvet. Not cool, brain…not cool. While my husband saws logs, I generate content. When I’m changing diapers, I’m thinking about my […]

My son licks grates

Yes, you read that correctly. “Licks” not “likes”, and “grates” not “grapes”. (Any Seuss fans out there?) While my daughter liked to eat rocks as a baby, my baby boy is a grate-licker. You know, the heating vent that you find on the floor in your house? Yes, that’s what he licks. Rocks I understand […]

15 minutes of lame

Just today, my almost-10-month-old son decided that holding his own bottle during feeding time was not a sign of parental neglect, but a step towards independence. Not only that, but he sat quietly on his own while drinking! This allows me an extra 15 minutes (two daytime feedings x 7.5 minutes each) to be a […]

To market, to market…

Two weeks of pure adrenaline and I haven’t thrown in the towel….yet. I’m talking about the launch of my new online boutique, Cloak and Curio. I am thankful for each Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Follow,” as well as all the kind words that people have sent me. It’s really affirming to know others can also […]

“I’m one in a krillion!”

Today I really felt like Will the Krill from Happy Feet Two (my daughter’s go-to movie du jour). I’ve launched myself out into the world as an entrepreneur, Twitterer (er…Tweeter?) and now a quasi-mommy blogger. ”I’m moving up the food chain,” as Will would say. This is exciting and scary…challenging and exhausting. But, as with […]

Three reasons why negotiating with a baby is a (mostly) fruitless endeavour

They can’t talk. They don’t know what “negotiate” means. They do know that when you use that tone it means they’re not getting what they actually want. I tried negotiating with my nine-month-old son the other day. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, primarily for the reasons noted above, but we did […]

An oasis of reflection (sometimes sarcasm) and finding something to smile about

When I was 12, I swore that I would write a book one day – a complete exposé on the injustices of my childhood….mostly centred on why I wasn’t allowed to date, hang out at the mall or watch movies. Twenty years later, with a two and a half year old daughter of my own, […]