An oasis of reflection (sometimes sarcasm) and finding something to smile about

When I was 12, I swore that I would write a book one day – a complete exposé on the injustices of my childhood….mostly centred on why I wasn’t allowed to date, hang out at the mall or watch movies. Twenty years later, with a two and a half year old daughter of my own, I’m already practicing my speech about the merits of waiting to date until after high school. I have a feeling she’ll want to write a book, too. But, hey, there are worse things a kid could get into than writing. 🙂

Hi, I’m Roshan! I’m a mom and business owner. I write for my day-job, and I also use it as a coping mechanism. It’s my outlet for sharing, reflecting and finding humour. Things can get pretty stressful and move far too quickly if you don’t stop and laugh about the chaos (maniacal laughing-crying is a close, and sometimes appropriate, alternative).

If you choose to continue reading, I hope you’ll find my commentaries – about raising decent humans and running two businesses, while trying to find a way to live more simply – interesting, entertaining and potentially helpful. I am not an expert so take everything I say with a grain (or teaspoon) of salt. This blog is also meant to be a conversation so anything I write is up for discussion and debate.

Before my husband and I had kids, I was also a concert-goer, foodie and runner (kind of a yin-yin-yang scenario) so you might find these themes popping up in my posts….mostly along the lines of “I wish I could still…”.

The other thing I’ll say before signing off is that I have a very short attention span – I’ve had to train myself to be very quick and efficient in order to complete tasks. This will benefit you in that I won’t have time, or be able, to sit and compose lengthy articles. I’ll keep my posts to a couple (at most, a few) paragraphs of the bare necessities that you can read in 5 min or less and then move on with your day.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to our conversations!

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