“I’m one in a krillion!”

Today I really felt like Will the Krill from Happy Feet Two (my daughter’s go-to movie du jour). I’ve launched myself out into the world as an entrepreneur, Twitterer (er…Tweeter?) and now a quasi-mommy blogger. ”I’m moving up the food chain,” as Will would say.

This is exciting and scary…challenging and exhausting. But, as with most attempts at progressing on the evolutionary scale, certain environmental factors can make or break your survival.

I thought I had mentally prepared for launching a new business ever since I had the nugget of an idea that would turn into a venture. I knew it would be hard, tiring and tangibly unrewarding at times. But, there are a few things that I wasn’t prepared for. Things that make me feel like a dinosaur at the ripe old age of 32.

Actually, it’s not “things” plural that are threatening to blindside my advancement…it’s Twitter. Maybe it’s because I’m noticing that some people have thousands of followers and I have 27 (some hard-won, some family members, some spammers).


Or maybe it’s because Tweeters…sorry, Tweeps…speak a dialect of English that I would call “not English”. Or perhaps it’s the insanity that is known as a “Twitter party” – I will never forget the assault on my Twitter feed when I observed a Twitter party in action last Friday. I could probably continue, but what I’m trying to say is that Twitter scares the bejeebers out of me. It has made me question a few times in the past week if I am actually ready for this. The one thing that keeps me motivated is the thought that the others must have started somewhere and that 1,200+ followers are not gained overnight.

I will continue to forge ahead, even though it feels like I’m talking to myself most days…how different is that from the real world, anyways? Hopefully Twitter won’t be the “ice age” for this “dinosaur” and I’ll be tweeting in “not English” before I know it.

If you are a seasoned Tweeter and have any advice for the newly initiated, please do share your wisdom.


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