Social-media-marketing-induced multiple personality disorder

Victim Of Multiple Personality Disorder

I just finished updating Cloak and Curio with more gently used children’s clothing. Blearily I stare at the clock and realize that I have just enough time to post a quick business message on Facebook and Twitter before clocking out for the night. So, I shoot off my chipper missives about updates to the store as well as a welcome message for our new FB friends…and then I realize how bloody tired I am.

This is exactly the type of emotion I would have expressed on my personal FB timeline without a second thought before I started Cloak and Curio and before all the social marketing that came along with it. I probably would’ve said something to the affect of, “I’m so bloody tired. What time is it?” Now, I think twice, even thrice, over (thrice??). I just posted a very upbeat message on behalf of the business, so do I really want to counteract that with a complaint about how tired I feel at the moment? How narrow is the margin between my personal and social marketing profile? A hair’s breadth or less? Probably less because most of my Cloak and Curio followers are my friends and family >:|

I now realize I have social-media-marketing-induced multiple personality disorder*. Here’s why: on behalf of my business, I am on Facebook, Twitter and I also have this blog which is kind of like Switzerland. I reserve the right to say what I want here as a commentary on the goings-on with everything else in my life. I also have my personal FB timeline, and I will soon have to market Hot Quill Communications more actively. Each profile requires a slightly different voice, editorial schedule and positioning of message. This switching of gears is nothing short of exhausting. It’s no wonder that I feel at a loss for what I should or shouldn’t say in my own, real, personal voice.

This is a very good lesson for me as I would rather not lose my own identity for the sake of a business. I went through that as a new mom, and resolved that I would not become so-and-so’s mother, but rather the interesting and multi-skilled individual who is nurturing and raising two bright and creative children. I find that it takes a lot of work and carefully placed boundaries to ensure that work and family don’t define us, but that we define how we contribute to each of those important aspects of our lives. Too easily, we label ourselves with titles that make it easier for us to describe who we are and for others to understand how to relate to us (just check out my blog profile as an easy example :S). Of course we are these titles, but they don’t really tell our full story. The full story includes work, the kids, the relationships…and how we feel about all of that, whether we are feeling high or low, successful or unappreciated.

To that end, I am exhausted. And, I will now post that on Facebook as me not the blogger, or the mompreneur, or Cloak and Curio…just me.

* I am not trying to make light of multiple personality disorder, but merely using the terminology to describe my experience as a social media marketer.

**Be forewarned, if you’re going to google images using the term, “multiple personality disorder” you will come across some fairly disturbing, but realistic portrayals of what people experience as well as society’s misconceptions.


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