Teaching remembrance

Two red poppies - Lest we forget

Across the country we join together in remembrance for those who championed freedom, both in word and deed, for the love of country, people and a healthier, happier future. Lest we forget.

If you’re wondering how to explain Remembrance Day to a little one so they start to understand the concept, here’s the conversation I had with our 2.5 year old daughter:

Me: Honey, do you know what today is?

DD: Nooooo

Me: It’s a special day for remembering.

DD: *Puzzled look*

Me: We think about people who worked hard to give us a happy life. Do you like having a happy life?

DD: Yes!

Me: Then we need to be thankful and remember people who gave us this life.

DD: Ok!

We’ll start with this and build on it some more throughout the year so that we’ll grow her understanding over time about how important it is for us to remember the price of freedom…on this day and always.

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