Frugal fashion “lookbook” of hand-me-downs and handmade clothing

Inspiration for buying gently used and locally handmade clothing for your kids.

The bleak state of the economy, an ever-growing appreciation for reducing consumption, an increased awareness that supporting local small businesses will help bolster our communities and the economy…it seems there are a lot of big (and long-winded) reasons that people are thinking frugally and shopping locally these days.

In fact, it’s pretty much on-trend to be as discerning, creative and locally-minded as possible when shopping for whatever is on your list. If you’re a parent, then you probably have a shopping list that reads similar to mine: fruits, veggies, some form of protein, dairy, dark chocolate, more pants for DS (due to growth spurt and wear/tear from crawling), extra shirts for DD (due to extra stain-y meals at daycare), etc.

With the weekly drain on our bank account from having to keep the family fed and clothed, being creative when it comes to clothing isn’t just a fun fashion/design project, but an absolute necessity. This doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice fashion…I think my kids should look and feel great in what they’re wearing, and it’s one of the reasons that I opened an online store for gently used children’s clothing.

Parents need to be able to shop for great quality clothing and brands for their kids and spend as little money and time as possible.

There are lots of options for shopping on a budget, and many of them are online. If you’re like me and you sometimes need help seeing fashion and style in the pics of gently used items online, here are some kids’ outfits I’ve put together as a kind of “lookbook” using gently used pieces from our store.

Now, I am by no means a fashion editor/photographer, but I think these ideas will help you see what’s possible on a tight budget. For most of these looks, the idea is that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match colours, patterns and textures to create stunning and functional outfits for your little ones.

Please like and share if you find this article helpful, and tell me what you think about these looks! Do you have any other ideas for shopping frugally for kids’ clothing? Leave me a comment!

Cloak and Curio's Fall/Winter 2012 Look Book - inspiration for how to put together frugal, cute and creative outfits for kids from gently used clothing

Find all of these items and more at!

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