My first week as a WAHM and why I’m not so sure now that WAHM is even a “thing”

It was my son’s first week of daycare and my first week with long stretches of time during the day to focus on my businesses (yes, more than one). I was looking forward to being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM)…yet another label to add to my collection since I started a new path alongside other bloggers and mompreneurs.

I have one big beef though. I find the term…how shall I say this…well…unnecessary. It has SOME meaning, but not much beyond the superficiality of calling a spade a spade. Yes, I’m a mom and now I work out of my home instead of a traditional office. Honestly, apart from that, WAHM doesn’t really differentiate me from the next worker bee. This could just be based on my experience this past week…maybe I’m just doing WAHM completely wrong. Or maybe WAHM is simply a term to make us feel more “mommy-ish” while we continue to be women who work at jobs that are not directly related to domestic duties?

I’m not really sure, but I do know that my vision for being a WAHM was probably a little too idealistic. I had plans to be super productive, creative…take breaks, not skip meals, drink an adequate amount of water…maybe catch a nap, definitely stay on top of laundry and organize my stockroom. Not one….ONE…of these legendary promises (made by self, to self) of being a WAHM came true. Well, maybe just one…I was a teeny bit creative….if you count figuring out how to Tweet and log products in my online store at the same time…*cough, ahem*…thusinhibitingproductivity *cough*….. *sigh*

Ultimately, this is why I think there is no need for a term such as WAHM…it’s because there really aren’t a lot of differences between working out of my home and working out of an office. Here are my lists of what I’ve noticed from my first week…

What’s the same?

  1. Coffee for breakfast…and that’s it. I found that I skipped meals at home, the same way I do when working in an office. Now, I know this isn’t healthy…buuuuutttt, it’s my reality. I just get so focused on and consumed by being as productive (socially networked) as possible that I lose sight of all else.
  2. I wait until the absolute last minute before my bladder is going to burst before taking a pee break. It’s surprising how often I need to hit the bathroom, though, because my other fail is that I don’t drink nearly enough water. 8 cups a day? Hardly. I’m lucky if I take a couple of sips. At least there’s water in coffee, right?
  3. One of my biggest disappointments was figuring out that, just like at the office, I don’t get to take a nap at home during the day. Fuelled by the feeling that I’m constantly running to catch up, I just don’t feel right about laying down midday for a snooze. That, and I’m afraid that if I actually close my eyes, I won’t wake up in time to pick up DS from daycare.
  4. My last observation is that I was glued to the computer all day…as if it provides me with oxygen and sustenance. Sadly, it does neither. What it does give me is a sore back, neck and shoulders from poor posture, along with bleary eyes. This is pretty much what I used to get from working in my cubicle at the office, too.

What’s different?

About the only upshot that I can discern is related to gas. Yes, I’m callin’ it out. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen at the office, but you really don’t need to be as restrained or covert about letting it go at home. Right?

What’s surprising?

What surprised me most was how similar working from home is to working in an office. Sure, the setting is different, and there are typically more people around at the office…but, the feeling of working is just about the same. It’s work. I’m not saying it’s horrible, and that I don’t like what I do…because I do!! 😀 BUT, I just don’t think it needs to be euphemised…now that’s a word to add to your vocabulary 🙂

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