The fascinating {and inspirational} minutiae of baby life

I am constantly entertained by the smallest details of life with a baby…and how a kid can find and fixate on the weirdest things. Not that my little guy isn’t insanely cute, but he can still do some strange stuff.

I shot this video to share with my husband who was away for the weekend. There are a couple of “wait for it” moments, but if you do (wait for it) you’ll see DS repeat the tongue thing a few times.

Maybe this amount of tongue muscle control is a sign of giftedness?? A mother can only hope. What strikes me — beyond the fact that I can’t make my own tongue do this — is that DS is so focused on practicing his new special skill.

Can we take anything from this? Of course! As always, from the mouths of babes (literally) we derive another simple yet powerful life lesson. If you really like doing something, and you want to do it really well, then do it over and over and over and over and over and over again. In essence, focus, practice…and never mind if people laugh at you along the way. Because, really, if you’re working at something big and important, the in-between steps and missteps may appear odd or laughable to others, but each one takes you closer to your end goal. For DS, this tongue thing could be a fluke….or it might be getting him closer to pronouncing his first words. You never know!

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