What does hope look like? A lot of laundry.

As I sort, wash, photograph and catalog all the clothing donations from Dress Them In Hope….I’m not gonna lie….it does get a bit tedious. I took a break this afternoon to look through some of the pics that we took from our Dress Them In Hope launch weekend (Nov 30 and Dec 1), and it really helped me to reset and refocus so I thought I’d share some with you here.

I’m reminded that each load of laundry is another load of clothing that will find a great home – either with Marillac Place residents, or others who purchase the clothing so that we can raise funds to support Marillac Place initiatives. When I’m folding onesies and sleepers, I think of the tiny newborn babies who will get to wear clean clothing because of the generous donations from our neighbours and community members. And when I photograph maternity wear, it takes me back to when I was pregnant with my little ones…and I remember all the nervous-excitement coupled with trepidatious-uncertainty that I felt. I’m almost positive these feelings are shared by the young moms and moms-to-be at Marillac Place, perhaps to an even greater extent because of the unknowns that they’re facing.

So, today, hope takes the shape of laundry.

Thanks to everyone who brought clothing donations, and everyone who has continued to help us share information about Marillac Place and their needs. If you are looking for a way to give back to our local community this Holiday season, please consider Marillac Place and the work they do with young, homeless mothers.

If you’d like to find out more, or have questions about getting involved, please send me an email or post a comment.

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