Do you have some words to spare?

Being a parent is a tough job in so many colourful ways. And it sometimes draws out words that are equally colourful. For instance, when my 2.5 year old daughter decided to run down the street this morning as I was buckling my son into his car seat, I muttered a few choice words. Thankfully, the baby’s ears were covered by his toque.

I was going to post something on Facebook as soon as I got home from the morning drop-off….but I stopped myself. I thought of some of our friends who regularly handle more than one kid on their own because their partners are on shift work or travel for work…the single parents who fly solo all the time just because it’s either sink or swim…and the young women with babies at Marillac Place who don’t even have a home…and I just couldn’t use my words to complain about my morning.

I am so thankful that I regularly have my husband as a juggling partner. Whatever insanity the kids throw our way, we’re able to share in the effort….and the rewards. When the kids go to bed, we find ourselves looking back on the day, no matter how nuts it’s been, and saying things like, “Did you hear what N said when I asked her what she wanted for dinner?” or “T made the funniest noise when I was changing his diaper today.” These are the hard-earned words we hold as trophies for managing through another day with fiercely independent little ones.

Send a message of hope and support to the homeless mothers at Marillac Place.At Marillac Place, they’ve put the call out for words – words of parenting advice, tips, encouragement – whatever words you can spare to make Christmas a little brighter for the homeless mothers at the shelter. Your thoughtfulness will mean a great deal to the young women at Marillac Place who are learning what parenting is all about. Your words will help them feel supported, and encourage them to stay focused on making a better life for themselves and their babies. It’s simple, really. If you’re sending out Christmas cards, please consider sending one with some words of support to:

The Residents of Marillac Place
109 Young St.
Kitchener, ON
N2H 4Z2

You can also post a comment below by Wednesday, December 19 and we’ll put together a collage of messages to give to the girls before Christmas. I’m hoping for at least 6 or 7 messages of 1-3 sentences each, but the more the better! If you have any questions, you can also get in touch with me by email.

Thank you in advance for your words!


  1. karin jones says:

    1.Kids learn more by example then lectures. Stand by your child and show how to do things from the smallest thing like putting on hat and mits to the bigger things like teaching how to get dressed, clean up toys or the good qualities of kindness, sharing, or patience etc. You will also build a close bond. 2.Most of be PATIENT and look at the HUMOUR in everyday and laugh it will change your attitude.( Sorry a bit long . You can modify it if you want it short).

  2. That’s excellent advice! Thank you so much for sharing, Auntie Karin 😀

  3. Each night, look at them sleeping, remember what they did that day to make you smile, gives you strength to clear up that mess and start again tomorrow.

  4. Love and enjoy your child, but remember you are her/his parent, not their friend. They need you to provide them the safety of limits.

  5. Don’t worry about “keeping up” with other people. As long as you are doing the best you can, you are perfect in the eyes of your little ones! I wasted a lot of time trying to do everything “perfect” with my first, and I regret stressing myself out about it.

  6. Julie Hause says:

    I feel very alone parenting sometimes and this is a great way to see that others go through the same issues. Thank you! It is time to slow down and spend the next six days doing the simple traditions that have been set aside due to lack of time.

    • Julie, you are not alone!! As a mom, it is easy for us to feel isolated when our days can become so monotonous, and when there are times when it feels like no one understands the responsibility that we have on our shoulders. It is time now to step away from the stress of the daily grind and even the Holiday prep…and just ENJOY the Holidays. Take care and I’ll see you very soon.

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