Is this what the end of the world feels like?

When I first heard the news about the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, I was simply overwhelmed with grief as a mother — as a human — on behalf of the families who lost their worlds yesterday. I felt angry, confused, bitter and disappointed in a world that seemed to be twisted inside out. Any words that I tried to write seemed inadequate and trivial. The confluence of emotions was too much and too suffocating…and then there was nothing, an empty feeling that made me wonder, “Is this what the end feels like?”

I can only guess at the degree of grief felt by the families who lost their children and loved ones yesterday, and how impossible it may feel to move from the day of, to the day after. But in that simple shift of time, we are reminded that it is not the end.

I watched on Facebook, Twitter and through online news channels as the word spread and people expressed sorrow, and words of love and support for the grieving families. We became one grieving family the world over. It’s this compassion that reaches out and picks up the brokenhearted, and shows us that it’s not the end even though despair is thick around us. There is still love and hope to be found, to hold onto. There is still love that will hold us and draw us forward, even if it’s hard to see and feel in the days to come. And, it’s this fierce love that will hopefully fuel the fire for radical and necessary changes — to ensure this never happens again, and to honour the memories of those who were lost in this senseless tragedy.

My prayer is that this swelling of love for the grieving families will be stronger than the darkness that touched them, and that they will find hope again, in their own time.

As for matters of gun control, and greater awareness and support for mental illness — it’s not worth debating whether it’s too soon or too late….it is simply time. Now.


  1. Excellent blog. You really explain our dismay, horror and confused emotions well. I wrote about this tragedy too: In the wake of this horror, everyone from atheists to pastors have asked “Where is God???” Here’s my attempt, however inadequate, to answer the question:

    • Frank, thank you so much for sharing your blog and thoughts about “Where is God?” in all of this. That is an incredibly huge question to tackle, but I think your commentary is spot-on for the two points you make. Really appreciate your words of support, and I hope we’ll be able to continue to share together as we process the events of the past couple of days. Best, Roshan

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