5 blog posts that I’d like to write in 2013

finish what you started - motivational slogan in vintage wood letterpress printing blocks, isolated on whiteI don’t make resolutions.

Am I goal-oriented in general? Yes. Do I like planning and structure? Sure do. However, when it comes to making resolutions at the start of a year, it’s just not something that I give credence to. I simply don’t think the act of making resolutions is effective in actually changing how we think or behave. I also find it laughable that the “talk” of resolutions fizzles out by mid-January…and that we all expect that to happen…but resolution-making continues year after year.

So why is my confident stance against this New Year’s tradition starting to erode? Because I’m staring at the eerily bare calendar of my first year as an entrepreneur and it’s making me nervous. Actually, it’s frightening. It’s going to require some different thinking, openness, perseverance and good ol’ chutzpah to define and achieve success this year. If I’m going to make any kind of progress, I really need to set some clear goals for the next couple of months and keep myself moving towards these goals.

Since I have such a hard time saying, “I resolve to be/do ____ better/more/less,” here’s my alternative approach. Nothing motivates me more than a writing deadline so I’ve written my goals for the first half of the year in the form of blog post titles. These titles reflect results (business and personal) that I would like to be able to write about by mid-July. In order to be able to write truthfully under these headlines, I will have to take steps that lead here:

Leaps and bounds: growth story of my network

Social-responsibility in action – 3 clients and a “quill” improving our community

Phone off, fun on – the rewards of device-free playtime

As patient as a…wait for it…saint

Bring on the back-talk – mid-year look at insightful blog reader comments

What about you? If you were to write an article or blog post 3 to 6 months from now, what would you want to be able to say about yourself?


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