Sweet, smooshy baby lips



*Muh, muh, muh* Two, beefy cheeks and a wide open mouth plant a wet one right on my forehead as I lay on the playroom floor. “Mama,mama,” he says, whacking me on the head with his chubby little hands. Yes, darling, I’m your mama.

At 13.5 months old, my littlest guy has just figured out how to give kisses. They are inelegant, clumsy and really, really squishy – and…I…can’t…get…enough. My heart melts and I’m reduced to cooing and baby-talking as we giggle-wrestle-cuddle.

P1040840This is how we show each other love. There’s a lot of tumbling, hugging and “mishing around” as we call it in our family. When I asked my almost-3-year-old what kissing means, she said, “kissing means you love your family.” I couldn’t agree more.

What’s your love language in your family? How do you celebrate each other in the little moments every day?



  1. I had a similar moment this week – as I kissed my little guy while dropping him off at school. He had a runny little nose but somehow that just doesn’t matter when you are a mom! Wouldn’t miss that kiss for the world.

    • Aww! You said it, Kathryn! As a mom, we really do look past all the goober and snot. Gotta take the lovin’ while they’re willing to give it so freely! I’m trying to get as much as I can before they hit the teen years 🙂

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