Choice, context and direction

Choice, context and directionLately, I’ve been looking back and thinking about the various transition points in my life and how I got here, along the lines of choice and context. It’s mind-bending to think about the many choices – some tiny and seemingly innocuous, some big and weighty, some that I was barely aware I was making – that brought me to where I am now.

Yes/no, this way/that way, plan a/plan b – in every moment, we make a decision about what our next step will be, and every moment is a new possibility.

While we might get frustrated, energized, sad, happy, mad, excited, anxious etc. about life events or situations we encounter, our choices are ultimately what define our lives. At any given time, we are the sum of our choices in relation and in reaction to our context. We further shape and refine our context and situation by our choices, paving the road ahead with the results of the step we just took.

Some choices have very clear paths while others present multiple options that open up a variety of future scenarios. Information, likes/dislikes, emotions, memories – these are all influencing factors in how we make choices, but at the root of all these are choices, too.

It’s also interesting to think beyond our own lives and consider that the choices made by people who came before us and who will come after us are all connected through this network of choices, and we are part of that ever-growing system of decisions.

So, unless we are incapable or unwilling* to make choices (the latter being virtually impossible) – what is it that we can’t do and should we put more energy towards what we can and should do?

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*Being unwilling to make any choice at all is almost impossible in human nature because the attitude of being unwilling is a choice itself.

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