Showing up

Are you showing up?I really love my drive to work and my morning ritual of puttering along country roads to my closest Starbucks drive-thru on the periphery of Waterloo – venti, dark roast, three sugars. It’s not the healthiest breakfast (fitness friends, was that a sigh of judgment?), but this is a pick-me-up as I start my day and it’s become part of my routine. It’s something comforting and familiar no matter how (un)successful the morning was with the kids or how the day ahead will unfold. It’s just me on the road with my coffee.

The other day, I had an extra special treat when I pulled up to the drive-thru window to pay. A young man took my payment, handed me my coffee and then looked at me sitting in my car and said, “I really like what you’re wearing!” Apart from an instant ego-boost, it was just really nice to be noticed for showing up and looking put together.

You see, there are so many little things that I’ve taken for granted while being entrenched in a static career and life with a family. Until a few months ago, I didn’t need to make more than a baseline effort to keep the status quo rolling along. And even after I launched Hot Quill, I got pretty comfortable in my working-from-home uniform of yoga pants and a hoodie (funny, it was the same as my mat leave uniform…). When you become used to this, you tend to forget that people do care about your presence and how you present yourself…and, more importantly, YOU care.

And, this isn’t just about fashion, it’s about presence in a broader sense – making an effort to be an active player in your life so that the people around you can’t help but take notice and appreciate you. It’s not about how loud or vocal you are either. You can have a presence simply by being confident in who you are and letting this shine through in everything you do.

In the context of meeting new people and working in a new environment, it’s been an interesting experience having to re-establish myself and the value that I can offer. So, I’m doing my best to show up where and when I can to build the new and necessary avenues of trust and mutual respect.

What about you? Have you gone through this? Are you showing up wherever you are? Talk to me.


  1. I hear you… as a home based entrepreneur sometimes we get comfortable with where we are at and we need to step up and Show UP in the world again!

    • That’s what I’m sayin’, Edward! I’m glad you could relate to the post 🙂 I’ve had to become so much more disciplined and intentional about what I do with my days ever since branching out as an entrepreneur. What do you do to “show up”?

      • I need to visit my vision and purpose to remind my self of why I am doing what I do when I get the sense of being off track and now fully showing up. I also like to use meditation, visualization, and writing in my journal as well. Most of all have fun and enjoy the ride 🙂 How long have you been in business for yourself?

      • It is a constant cycle of remembering and doing when it comes to living out a business vision, eh? I daydream a lot (my version of visualization) to stay on track 🙂 I started Hot Quill at the beginning of January…so it’s just been a few months! How about you, Edward?

      • For sure… Hold onto your VISION! Don’t let anyone take it away from you. I have been an entrepreneur most of my ‘adult’ life… started a technology marketing company while I was a grad student back in the summer of 1998 at Western University. Now I do consulting with start up technology companies as well as building online businesses through blogging, social media, and online advertising selling other peoples products and services. What made you jump into the world of entrepreneurship?.

      • Excellent advice, Edward! Sounds like you’ve been busy busy busy. So awesome to meet positive and motivated entrepreneurs in SWO. Thanks for the “likes” on the Hot Quill FB page, too! For me, I just saw and felt that it was time to make a “go” of it. Stars seemed to align so I decided I would try it out so that I could at least say that I tried. If it works out, that’s great, if not, at least I won’t have any regrets 🙂 So far, it’s been an incredible year full of learning and meeting new people!

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