Between, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Shadows darken A clouded brow Greying with wrinkled pride And untimely wisdom Words unspoken Brick the wall Between Mortared and set With glances unmet Impassive protection Will keep us clean In the shadow of the wall Between


Rise, poem by Roshan Grossman

You can’t really call the end point of a path The end When you die and rise With the same eyes Body molted melted molded Again

Alone in the crowd

Alone in the crowd, poem by Roshan Grossman

Loneliest In a crowd Known To be seen But not heard

Chasing a chicken

Fools rush Losing Loose feet Choosing Paced abandon

Lunchtime swim at the office cafeteria

Crushing crashing Waves of staring Eyes up Eyes down Small fish Wary Stroking striding Food deciding Eyes left Eyes right Chary In choice

Hard reset

Taking a step back I see now why It was so Hard To reset Is moving forward Without Looking back

The give and take of “No”

The give and take of "No" - Quill and Curio blog

“No” is a healthy part of our vocabulary. It helps to define boundaries, set expectations, and protect a person from unsolicited words or actions. “No” is often heard around our house to help the kids understand what is and isn’t acceptable. “No, Norah, you shouldn’t do headstands on the couch,” or “No, Theo, please don’t […]

It just is

Certainty Leads Inevitably Along Until What cannot be helped Is absolute

On stage

Words spoken from lips of my own With eyes of my own I saw

Vox lost

Ragged exhale Cough Gravel dry Rough Herald lost Vox