Dance to the sun

Dancing to the sun, poetry by Roshan Grossman

I feel Like dancing Fully extending Fingers reaching To catch the light Ringing round Rekindling joy Like a shoot of grass Breaking through fresh earth Intent on being kissed By the sun

It keeps me

It keeps me, poetry by Roshan Grossman

There’s a big world Of light and shining Outside this windowed box I see the sparkle I feel the warmth As suggestions of what could be But this box This paper made shelter Keeps close The sad The terrified From spilling out Turning day to night To protect the good world From destruction And my […]

Dusk is falling

Dusk is falling, poetry by Roshan Grossman. Artwork by Olga Mohelnikova.

Somewhere Dusk is falling And stars are burning At the speed of light Blazing to extinction In agonies of passion Igniting and consuming The untamed horizon Razed unclaimed Ushering The rush of a creation And a consciousness fresh Of belief, of finding Something new In the dawn Waiting After dusk falls

Strings attached

A theory proved A story cleaved Fragmented over time An echo reverberating Across many strings With endless possibilities Intertwining Of various realities Intermingling Shadows nearly recognisable Slips of memories That could be fables Words I thought And might have spoken To someone I may have known, Even loved, in theory Once upon a string

Tomorrow’s tomorrow

Tomorrow's tomorrow, poetry by Roshan Grossman

I don’t even really know How I’m supposed to feel anymore When fatigue of emotion sets in The body, in a fit of survival Starts to purge and mellow the over-taxing Cartwheels of a mind left without, Fulfillment unafforded for too long, Until the mind-numbing feats become marginally memorable And even then, only because of […]

Just a little bit

Just a little bit, poetry by Roshan Grossman

I’m pretty sure It’s around here Somewhere What’s it called again? It’s on the tip of my tongue Self Self…something What? Oh, I almost had it It’s that song That lady sang Like, awhile ago You know the one She spells it out And even so Sometimes it’s not That easy As a song Or […]


I don’t need you To stay Or to help me feel Okay Really, I will find the way And yet If you walk away The thread you’re pulling In this playful Teasing tugging Of tension rising Will have me Unwrapped And unraveling


The ultimate foolery Are the tales Woven in the isolation Of a mind At once bored And at play The thoughts of which Extrude reality Beyond willingness (Or is it capability?) To render

May I sit?

May I sit - poetry by Roshan Grossman

May I come alongside you And just sit a spell? My feet are tired From running My legs are weary From traveling My arms are aching From holding on My mind is letting go Untethering My eyes are opening And the view is dazzling, but blurry And I don’t want to trip So may I […]

Hammer to string

Hammer to string, poetry by Roshan Grossman

At the drop of Hammer to string My heart flutters and fills Into the fissures Picking up the broken bits Collecting up the shards In honeyed harmony Flowing With tears to purge And rain to cleanse In polyphonic waves Crashing unwieldy Against my eroding shore