Good things

Good things, poetry by Roshan Grossman

It’s not about finding Something so different And certainly nothing close Or the same It’s about a fit beyond reasoning Unquestionable Though it might be questioned Impeccable in timing Though it may not be our own Nonetheless When it is It will be Simple and simply built On all the good things On stone not […]

Uncast stone

Uncast stone, poetry by Roshan Grossman

What you do to me Is beyond Everything I know Everything I’ve known Every letter on paper Every thoughtful vapor With no words to finish It will remain uncast To avoid A stone Thrown In the wrong direction To avoid Undoing the doing And resorting to Unknowing


Torture of the soul Blistering of the heart Wringing rivers of life To ink a twisted tale Stretched and dried Under the harsh sun Of truth


How do I let go When we haven’t? How do I know When will I need to stop If your lights are always on? What should I do When we Can’t?

Melt your face

You know it’s going to Melt your face When it starts at your toes Then mounts a slow climb Up to the soft place behind the left knee, One, two, three Fingers, tracing into leggy heights Hands full of firm, round Pinching squeeze Palms smoothing around waist On up the spinal path Nose to neck […]

Where we meet

The plume of a cloud Isn’t as soft Isn’t as delicate As where you and I meet The rock in the stream Isn’t as firm Isn’t as smooth As where you and I meet The sky doesn’t lament The fracture of dark and light As fully and deeply As where you and I meet

My name

My name, poetry by Roshan Grossman

My name came back to me Slightly aloof From years of standing aside With childhood dreams Untethered With teenage woes Unlettered Coursing to extremes To experience Everything All at once, at risk Of feeling nothing Or gaining so much That we will never have Time enough to reconnect

A mermaid’s tale

Here sits no Atargatis Nor Siren with signal false, Half-creature of the deep I sing on my sun-warmed rock In glad repsonse, To a fateful lover’s call, To my soul’s searching question, Calming the sea Drawing ships to safe harbour

Eyes of gold

Eyes of gold, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Eyes of gold See through my own Reaching into a secret place Reading the letters unwritten That I wrote a long time ago The promises that I made To myself

Passing time

A year is a moment And a thousand a lifetime When thoughts and feelings Compress and coalesce Under the weight Of passing time