Better, poetry by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

There is love on these lips That is better unspoken There is hope in this heart That is better unbroken There is water in this soul That is better overflowing There is light in these eyes That is better than knowing

Happiness is…

Happiness is - blog post by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten back into running as a way to clear my mind and get some much-needed cardiovascular exercise. At the outset, I was chugging along at a slow and easy pace that was both mentally and physically achievable, with some walking peppered in for even more ease of experience. […]


Ask, poetry by Roshan James

My heart asked my eyes To go looking for you today But they couldn’t find your face In the crowds staring back So my heart asked my lips To tell the tale But they couldn’t find the words To speak Of joy unspeakably Terrifying In depth and height Broken Over time and place Strewn So […]

The thought of you

The thought of you, poetry by Roshan James (Grossman)

The warmth Of your quiet thought Spreads radially From the soft spot Of an idea Growing exponential In footage and degree Rolling, building Into an exhale Deep and throaty A murmur Of thanks


Chances, poetry by Roshan James

It’s a chance I’m willing To take, to see What the future still holds Instead of trying to hold it Calling it a day Rather than letting time do its thing So we can find New moments Of chance encounters That make you realize Nothing is by chance

Dropping diamonds

Dropping diamonds, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Dropping diamonds Falling From eyes flowing Over the crest of a cheek Turned


Practice, poetry by Roshan Grossman

With practice A voice gets warmer Stronger With words repeated Spirits can be lifted Up through the rafters So sing, sing This new song That brings with it Not just hope But life The first preceding The last And the last Anticipated By the first Forged and fortified Through practice Perfected

How the heart breaks

How the heart breaks, poetry by Roshan Grossman

How the heart breaks And still keeps beating Testifies to the enduring spirits Of love and hope While one falters The other springs up And when both are present The world is alight With pure intent And it is enough To keep us Honest And hardworking Even though The heart breaks