Good-bye “Crood” year

2014 is going to be an evolutionary step forward. I just know it.

Actually, I don’t know anything about the future. This much I’ve learned over and over again this past year. But I’m hoping with every optimistic fibre of my being that we will see better things in the year to come.

Good-bye "Crood" year, blog post by Roshan JamesWhile I adored so much about 2013’s feisty, go-get-em-ness that helped me step away from a cozy place called Comfort, it was also a year that razed every preconception to the ground. I felt like I was starting over from scratch, setting out from my cave to venture on one metaphysical journey after another, always striving for tomorrow[1].

So, yeah…2013 was a bit of a circus.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned more in the past 12 months about my career, my craft and myself in relation to everything around me than I could condense into a year’s worth of blog posts. I had many opportunities to fully examine my life and my relationships in a way that would’ve made both Freud and Zacharias Janssen proud.

But I’m done for a little while. I am thoroughly looking forward to a year of turning the eye inward again, but with a different purpose. This year, I’d like to get back in touch with my musical self, spend more time singing and dancing with the kids, enjoy time with new and old friends and family, and focus on bringing more artfulness to home and work.

And, I just might pick up a paint brush again. The thought of that has me smiling and I think that will also be my cue forward – go towards the happy, leave behind the complicated and emotionally taxing.

This doesn’t mean that I’m aiming for a year without challenge, but I am definitely looking for a simpler, more refined version of the story.

What about you? What are you looking for this year?

Good-bye "Crood" year, blog post by Roshan James

[1] Reference to the movie The Croods, DreamWorks Animation (2013).


  1. It’s been a very busy year with more learning than I could fit in, and more learning that fell by the wayside… I am looking forward to a slightly less challenging year, yes! *hugs*

    • One of the coolest things this year was getting to know you, Suzanne!! I hope that your 2014 is full of interesting and exciting adventures, and lots of time for relaxing, too 🙂 *hugs* back!

  2. I think “go toward the happy” is a perfect goal. You can’t get there. You just have to be there. And enjoying life’s simplest and best pleasures, especially after a year of challenges, will be glorious!

    • Thanks, Audrey!! And thanks for all our chats this year 🙂 You and your perspective helped me a number of times. It’s easy to live in the happy with friends like you. Looking forward to reading more of your insightful blog posts!


  1. […] pursuit of dreams and the accompanying changes. The vision for 2014 was happiness – specifically “go towards the happy”. There was a lot of time spent making memories with the kids, nurturing friendships, leaning on […]

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