Where the heart dwells in the quiet

"Where the heart dwells in the quiet", poetry by Roshan James

My friends Not for a moment Believe that I forget Our sun-kissed days When a wintry silence Speaks louder Than anything I could say My friend Among the others There are so many Words That cannot be said For the winter of our love Is here Where used to be The scorching summer And Quiet […]

Here is joy

"Here is joy", poetry by Roshan James

Pure joy Can be simple Like looking down Realizing You have one more Bite Of something delicious It’s also like Looking Into your face Realizing You are still Here

Like the universe depends

"Like the universe depends", poetry by Roshan James

When I’m with you We cross from Heaven to Hell And back Over and Over and Over Until it is both At once That is the best way I can describe How it feels To love you Like the universe Depends on it And the best way I can describe How it feels To have […]