Long love

A long time ago I made myself a promise

To settle for nothing less than sublimity

Even if every moment of falling in love

With the crude beauty of people and places

Would render heartbreak inevitable

And would require a daily sacrifice

To stay open, to stay vulnerable

And to learn deeply

That the beauty sought after in this world

And the strength desired in others

Is first found within

A long time ago, I didn’t know

How long I would have to love

And how many times I would have to break

To first find my beauty and strength

And then to find a love that would encourage patience

That would give me pause and grace to consider how much longer

I could go without, afraid to move too quickly

Not wanting to disturb the careful unfolding of a long love

Prepared over a lifetime, coming to light

Exposed and exposing more of who we are

And who we could be

"Long love", poetry by Roshan James


  1. Awe inspiring piece. The long love being that of ourselves?

    • My thought was that we need to find our “long love” with ourselves in order to give and receive love with anyone else. Thank you so much for reading again 🙂


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