She walks in sadness

She walks in sadness

Moonlight’s veil on her shoulders

Night’s only comfort

"She walks in sadness" haiku poetry by Roshan James Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario Canada


  1. wow – i love this – I have felt this veil. sometimes the moonlight is the only thing that makes sense when one’s mind is keeping one awake.

    • I firmly believe in owning the sadness and acknowledging it. As much as I prefer the happy moments, I think we learn from the spectrum of emotions, and we grow more and more capable of coping if we face and embrace the more negative or low emotions directly. The line “She walks in sadness” kept on popping into my mind over the past few weeks so I had to put it on “paper” and write around it, but I feel like I have more words than what ended up forming. I may need to elaborate further at some point, but for now this piece is sufficient. Thanks again for reading and commenting, Kimberly!


      • I love this. Isn’t it interesting how a line comes to us and festers inside – becomes more or less but it is there. Like it has a purpose. And that purpose is for us to describe or discuss what it is inside that is inspiring us to communicate.

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