Let us build

"Let us build", blog post by Roshan JamesA year of demolition. If I were to put it in a nutshell and tie it with a bow, that’s what I would call 2014. For me, the year before – 2013 – was focused on the pursuit of dreams and the accompanying changes. The vision for 2014 was happiness – specifically “go towards the happy”. There was a lot of time spent making memories with the kids, nurturing friendships, leaning on friends, holding friends who needed support…..singing, dancing, listening to music…..laughing, crying, drinking copious amounts of spiced rum……traveling alone, meeting new people…..meeting someone….writing, thinking, more writing and running…..lots of running.

And now I know. Now I understand the price of choosing happiness and the natural balancing – the yinning and yanging – that happens when happiness is chosen.

It is complex, rarely a simple endeavour. It hardly feels logical. In fact, it often feels counterintuitive when choosing happiness involves stepping away from comfort and tradition. Or when choosing happiness involves focusing on someone else’s needs in the moment, with the hope (or best guess) that the end result will be a real shot at future stability.

There are days when choosing happiness doesn’t feel immediately happy or satisfying, and a period of time when nothing grows out of the choice, nothing feels alive until time passes sufficiently. A time of silence for the soul.

Until we find our words again. Words to lay a new foundation of dreams and plans. Words that give shape and substance to feelings of hope that start to spring up from the fallow soil. Words we can offer to others who have pulled us through – words of gratitude and love. Words we can share with those who need encouragement and compassion………wasn’t that us just a few months, days, moments ago?

Without this new foundation of words collecting and forming, ebbing and rolling, we wouldn’t be able to move forward. With a new language and a cultivated appreciation for sacrificial happiness, moving forward is inevitable.

With these words, we will build new things in 2015. We will bring life to new relationships, new ideas and new opportunities. With these new words we will bring perspective to our ever aging lives.

So, let us build.


  1. Kat van Groove says:

    You’ve really captured something here…the chaos and uncertainty of change, especially the tenuousness of change that moves away from comfy comfort zones. Beautifully written! And now your change inspires!

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