Ancestors of the night

"Ancestors of the night" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada


Walk tall, ancestors of the night,

Dark shadows of your golden youth

When your quick tongues

Learned the wisdom of



Walk far into the deepest dark

Pulling time in chains of glass

Across the sanded shores of planets

Spun from rays of stars


Stride proud and bold

Across breathless skies in hiding

Leaving worries and cares

To crash against themselves

In a meteoric chaos of falling stone


Cast off the cloying dismembered

Who clipped their own wings

To gambol in low-tide

Only to beg for flight

As the moon pulled the tides higher


Shine bright, dark-on-darkness,

In knowing that day is only possible

When a horizon is in sight

And beyond that is where the Universe plays


Go searching for more of yourself

Where galaxies are born of supernovas

Spreading eons in all directions

And know that you are part of this


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