She teaches me

"She teaches me" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada


She whispers simple words

To the wishing star

Remembering in the morning light

What she forgot to say at night

Because, “stars are still in the sky

Even when it’s day, Mommy”


She chooses earrings for me and asks

If she can blush my cheeks

She’s hopeful

That I’ll wear the long floral dress to the office

One of these days, so she asks every time


She thinks it’s hard work

Being a big sister

Because it takes some strength to give fierce hugs


She speaks in giggling rhymes

Eyes lit with the color of joy

While her vintage wisdom

Won’t let her fall asleep without weeping

For the pain that breaks her gentle heart

In thinking of those who are hurting or sad

Or the day when she has to say goodbye to one of us


She describes her feelings with a precision

Startling in its clarity and building logic

With her wicked wit and steady beauty

A gift of respect of her own


And she teaches me

How little I have to give her

And that it doesn’t matter

When she puts her hand in mine


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