Good-bye “Crood” year

Good-bye "Crood" year, blog post by Roshan James

2014 is going to be an evolutionary step forward. I just know it. Actually, I don’t know anything about the future. This much I’ve learned over and over again this past year. But I’m hoping with every optimistic fibre of my being that we will see better things in the year to come. While I […]

Dreamt in the dark

"Dreamt in the dark," poetry by Roshan James

Let the glimmer fade The curtains fall One show ends And the stage is swept House lights dim Darkness waits While the playwright Prepares the next story Scrawled on a fresh sheet While a hummed note Introduces a new score Rising timorous from the pit Strings strummed for tuning Finding a pitch To which First […]

Happiness is…

Happiness is - blog post by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten back into running as a way to clear my mind and get some much-needed cardiovascular exercise. At the outset, I was chugging along at a slow and easy pace that was both mentally and physically achievable, with some walking peppered in for even more ease of experience. […]


Ask, poetry by Roshan James

My heart asked my eyes To go looking for you today But they couldn’t find your face In the crowds staring back So my heart asked my lips To tell the tale But they couldn’t find the words To speak Of joy unspeakably Terrifying In depth and height Broken Over time and place Strewn So […]

Dance to the sun

Dancing to the sun, poetry by Roshan Grossman

I feel Like dancing Fully extending Fingers reaching To catch the light Ringing round Rekindling joy Like a shoot of grass Breaking through fresh earth Intent on being kissed By the sun

Tomorrow’s tomorrow

Tomorrow's tomorrow, poetry by Roshan Grossman

I don’t even really know How I’m supposed to feel anymore When fatigue of emotion sets in The body, in a fit of survival Starts to purge and mellow the over-taxing Cartwheels of a mind left without, Fulfillment unafforded for too long, Until the mind-numbing feats become marginally memorable And even then, only because of […]

May I sit?

May I sit - poetry by Roshan Grossman

May I come alongside you And just sit a spell? My feet are tired From running My legs are weary From traveling My arms are aching From holding on My mind is letting go Untethering My eyes are opening And the view is dazzling, but blurry And I don’t want to trip So may I […]

Good things

Good things, poetry by Roshan Grossman

It’s not about finding Something so different And certainly nothing close Or the same It’s about a fit beyond reasoning Unquestionable Though it might be questioned Impeccable in timing Though it may not be our own Nonetheless When it is It will be Simple and simply built On all the good things On stone not […]

A mermaid’s tale

Here sits no Atargatis Nor Siren with signal false, Half-creature of the deep I sing on my sun-warmed rock In glad repsonse, To a fateful lover’s call, To my soul’s searching question, Calming the sea Drawing ships to safe harbour

Why can’t I see?

Why can't I see? poetry by Roshan Grossman

Oh there it is Again That feeling Of being incapable to see Before and after