Everything I didn’t know and still don’t

Looking back on a year of not-knowing and learning, and looking forward to a year of learning about what else I don’t know I started 2015 thinking I had a fairly good idea of how the year would play out. It turns out, I really didn’t know much. I wasn’t anticipating more brokenness or complexity, or […]

A year in review

"A year in review" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text: This year brought me full circle Hitting home in the first twenty-four hours onward With lessons to be learned thoroughly And in great detail About how to love through the common brokenness How to move from certain endings to uncharted beginnings In the way the geography of my body changed indelibly With the work […]

Let us build

"Let us build", blog post by Roshan James

A year of demolition. If I were to put it in a nutshell and tie it with a bow, that’s what I would call 2014. For me, the year before – 2013 – was focused on the pursuit of dreams and the accompanying changes. The vision for 2014 was happiness – specifically “go towards the […]