Ask, poetry by Roshan James

My heart asked my eyes To go looking for you today But they couldn’t find your face In the crowds staring back So my heart asked my lips To tell the tale But they couldn’t find the words To speak Of joy unspeakably Terrifying In depth and height Broken Over time and place Strewn So […]

The forfeit of reason

Burning heart How will we settle your flame To something tolerable, Sustainable, Giving life Instead of taking, Every breath Forfeiting reason For desire

Chasing and finding home at TEDxWaterloo 2013

Dr. Alison Lister, CERN presents the standard model of particle physics at TEDxWaterloo 2013

Journeys of the heart, mind and body through space, time and consciousness. Small-town-to-big-city stories, colonies of microbiota living inside us, our brain as our most intimate home – a home moved and inspired by rhythm and working with our hands. What does it cost us to leave home? We nodded our heads and felt pangs […]