"Cold" - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: Being close to you Is the coldest way To fool myself

Return from stone

"Return from stone" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text: When you’re swallowed up, fighting for air When loneliness echoes off the walls Even when warmth starts to find your bones And your eyes, your eyes, they return from stone Breathe into the relief, trace the carvings left behind And remember It’s all part of the story

Broken and the beast

"Hungry" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text only:   Do you feel like this too Sometimes   A broken heartedness so complete So hungry for more of me   That it builds   Molding futures in my flesh For its own appetite, to devour   A self-fulfilling beast

Sitting beside Lonely

Walking along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

As social and outgoing as I can be, I have often carried with me an acute sense of being alone. Some years it has felt stronger than others, some days it feels stronger than others. Whether in a relationship or not, whether in a large group or spending time with another person. No matter how […]