5 keys for unlocking trust in content marketing

Monarch butterfly in a person's open hand, symbolizing trust.

When I was pregnant with my daughter over three years ago, one of the first things I did was look up parenting advice online. Anyone who has gone down this path knows how much information exists to varying degrees of legitimacy. It ranges from pure myth and lore to technical videos on the different kinds […]

From cubicle to “couch”

I’ve imagined this day a bunch of times and it usually involved a lot of fist-pumping and high-fiving. But today I’m feeling excitement as well as melancholy, with a good dose of end-of-the-year nostalgia. After eight and a half years of working for a large Canadian insurer, with the past year spent on maternity leave, […]

My first week as a WAHM and why I’m not so sure now that WAHM is even a “thing”

It was my son’s first week of daycare and my first week with long stretches of time during the day to focus on my businesses (yes, more than one). I was looking forward to being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM)…yet another label to add to my collection since I started a new path alongside other bloggers and […]

To market, to market…

Two weeks of pure adrenaline and I haven’t thrown in the towel….yet. I’m talking about the launch of my new online boutique, Cloak and Curio. I am thankful for each Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Follow,” as well as all the kind words that people have sent me. It’s really affirming to know others can also […]

“I’m one in a krillion!”

Today I really felt like Will the Krill from Happy Feet Two (my daughter’s go-to movie du jour). I’ve launched myself out into the world as an entrepreneur, Twitterer (er…Tweeter?) and now a quasi-mommy blogger. ”I’m moving up the food chain,” as Will would say. This is exciting and scary…challenging and exhausting. But, as with […]