Light, the step

"Light, the step" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: I will not be fettered or pulled By chains measured in minutes Or by the maddening urgency From waiting for a single drop Forming into fullness I step undaunted Into the gales of time Walking lightly

Not yet

"Not yet" poetry by Roshan James Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I kissed Death on the cheek Brought my lips to his ear And with a warm exhale whispered Not yet

Our ground

"Our ground", poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario

Battle scarred Broken parts Patched and wrapped with charred resolve Done for days Gone for months Years that asked with no response   And here you come With eye-lit smiles Far brighter-bold than northern skies With depth of strength And patience long Holding on to find our ground