Into - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: Sink with me In the best way Into our quiet And our storm Lean with me Into the thunder And the rain Press into the earth Under our feet With each step We take forward


"Between" - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: Remember me In the space Between the echoes Of each pulse


Text: Silence Is full Of meaning And freedom


"Still" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: There is healing In holding still Slowing the churn And drowning the restless need to create answers In the depths of solitude

Love’s lost fury

"Love's lost fury" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text: When once I raged I now sleep And dream in peace It is the calm not before But after quiet has overtaken And my heart has softened into itself In the stillness of love’s lost fury

Where the heart dwells in the quiet

"Where the heart dwells in the quiet", poetry by Roshan James

My friends Not for a moment Believe that I forget Our sun-kissed days When a wintry silence Speaks louder Than anything I could say My friend Among the others There are so many Words That cannot be said For the winter of our love Is here Where used to be The scorching summer And Quiet […]

May I sit?

May I sit - poetry by Roshan Grossman

May I come alongside you And just sit a spell? My feet are tired From running My legs are weary From traveling My arms are aching From holding on My mind is letting go Untethering My eyes are opening And the view is dazzling, but blurry And I don’t want to trip So may I […]