Creatures of the light

"Creatures of the light" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: He found me in a sunny patch He came to me across the stream With careful steps, wet-cold from spring Dark eyes locked fast on mine   Whispered low in open verse I heard his unvoiced question My wonder showed in his surprise Our shared anticipation   Sister, why do you sit here, Far […]


"More" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text: I’m more than these scars I’m more than the search for a silver lining I’ve walked many miles with feet burned bronze And more stories than time

Broken road

"Broken road", poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

You and I are alike, my broken road Worn and well-traveled, a sojourning pair Continuing on despite, and sometimes in spite, Of our condition and the terrain we find ourselves crossing Alike in marking a path forward And marching on with all manner of people Passing by charming city lights, congested intersections, Infrequently restful highway stops […]

Good things

Good things, poetry by Roshan Grossman

It’s not about finding Something so different And certainly nothing close Or the same It’s about a fit beyond reasoning Unquestionable Though it might be questioned Impeccable in timing Though it may not be our own Nonetheless When it is It will be Simple and simply built On all the good things On stone not […]