"Smoke" - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: Let me blow away the ribboning smoke Of memories mixed with doubt


"Gift" - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: Take from me This living gift Of a hand to hold


"You" - poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: In case you’re having trouble Remembering or believing Let me write this down for you   Crumple it up And tuck it away For those days When you need A friendly little something In your back pocket Or in the back of your mind Whispering   You are important


"Brothers" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

  Text: There are glimpses of gods and stars In the slow sips of brilliance and wisdom Over whiskey talks and whistle chats Between fragile hearts into the early hours Bandaging with brusquely-brothered gauze Everything you hope will stay intact

Love again

"Love again" poetry by Roshan James, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Text: When the sun goes down When the hard day finds its end You hold my hand And make me love the world again

May I sit?

May I sit - poetry by Roshan Grossman

May I come alongside you And just sit a spell? My feet are tired From running My legs are weary From traveling My arms are aching From holding on My mind is letting go Untethering My eyes are opening And the view is dazzling, but blurry And I don’t want to trip So may I […]

Past the cloud

Past the cloud, poetry by Roshan Grossman

To the best sister Tips of toes to top of ladder Fingers reaching past the cloud Grasping for the stars that scattered As you donned your draping shroud I’ll bring them by you one by one Collected in the hands of time Waiting ready when your eyes lift And the darkness illumine

Find your “inside out” by asking “why?”

How would you like it if your brain was turned inside out? What about your life? Would you feel uncomfortable? Liberated? Scared? Awesome? All of the above? When I have a conversation with someone who is able to open my mind, reach in and expose my limbic system, I take notice. Understatement. I believe with […]

Is this what the end of the world feels like?

When I first heard the news about the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, I was simply overwhelmed with grief as a mother — as a human — on behalf of the families who lost their worlds yesterday. I felt angry, confused, bitter and disappointed in a world that seemed to be twisted inside out. Any words […]

Do you have some words to spare?

Send a message of hope and support to the homeless mothers at Marillac Place.

Being a parent is a tough job in so many colourful ways. And it sometimes draws out words that are equally colourful. For instance, when my 2.5 year old daughter decided to run down the street this morning as I was buckling my son into his car seat, I muttered a few choice words. Thankfully, […]