"Takeover" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: It’s not that I think about you Often Frequency isn’t an issue It’s continuity Expansive and ceaseless Keeping me up at night This unintentional devotion Is thrillingly all-consuming In its unapologetic takeover

Language of breathing

Text: There is significance in how we breathe in And a language to our exhale The way we draw our breath is a reflection Of where our thoughts drift Truthfully

Happiness is…

Happiness is - blog post by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten back into running as a way to clear my mind and get some much-needed cardiovascular exercise. At the outset, I was chugging along at a slow and easy pace that was both mentally and physically achievable, with some walking peppered in for even more ease of experience. […]


Writing, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Writing is a descent within To the cold stones of thought and feeling Where the two, unchiselled, Indefinable, inseparable Are heated to flame By the fire-breath of the soul refining, Lighting Lifting

{Infographic} Opportunity cost of Valentine’s Day chocolate in Canada

It’s the week of the red and pink invasion. Hearts cut from paper doilies, boxes of chocolates, red roses – these are the classic images I conjure at the mention of Valentine’s Day. Depending on your view, V-Day may be a fun time to shower your loved ones with messages of “Be Mine” and “Love […]

An oasis of reflection (sometimes sarcasm) and finding something to smile about

When I was 12, I swore that I would write a book one day – a complete exposé on the injustices of my childhood….mostly centred on why I wasn’t allowed to date, hang out at the mall or watch movies. Twenty years later, with a two and a half year old daughter of my own, […]