"Soaked" poetry by Roshan James, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Text: It’s the kind of day That seeps both ways   A softness in the atmosphere Soaking the skin Into awareness Of what was once warm Smudging the lines Between heavy limbs And cloudy breath Vaporously conscientious Of blurring outward Exhausting each exhale

Quietly cries the night

  Text: This is one of those days when the words aren’t there To write about the dangers of love Or the bravery of unbound hope It’s a straight-up kind of day that bleeds tired Into a night that cries quietly For a morning that will come too soon

Social-media-marketing-induced multiple personality disorder

I just finished updating Cloak and Curio with more gently used children’s clothing. Blearily I stare at the clock and realize that I have just enough time to post a quick business message on Facebook and Twitter before clocking out for the night. So, I shoot off my chipper missives about updates to the store […]