Language of breathing

Text: There is significance in how we breathe in And a language to our exhale The way we draw our breath is a reflection Of where our thoughts drift Truthfully

A truth about clarity in marketing and communications

"It is fundamentally critical to understand the truth of your message." Roshan James, Hot Quill, marketing and communications

As marketers and communicators, we learn very early on that clarity is essential to engaging our audiences. But why?

Good things

Good things, poetry by Roshan Grossman

It’s not about finding Something so different And certainly nothing close Or the same It’s about a fit beyond reasoning Unquestionable Though it might be questioned Impeccable in timing Though it may not be our own Nonetheless When it is It will be Simple and simply built On all the good things On stone not […]


Torture of the soul Blistering of the heart Wringing rivers of life To ink a twisted tale Stretched and dried Under the harsh sun Of truth