Social-media-marketing-induced multiple personality disorder

I just finished updating Cloak and Curio with more gently used children’s clothing. Blearily I stare at the clock and realize that I have just enough time to post a quick business message on Facebook and Twitter before clocking out for the night. So, I shoot off my chipper missives about updates to the store […]

Think blank thoughts

Some nights, I wish I had an “off” switch for my brain. Tonight is one such night considering I started “writing” this post in my head, while I was already tucked under my comfy duvet. Not cool, brain…not cool. While my husband saws logs, I generate content. When I’m changing diapers, I’m thinking about my […]

“I’m one in a krillion!”

Today I really felt like Will the Krill from Happy Feet Two (my daughter’s go-to movie du jour). I’ve launched myself out into the world as an entrepreneur, Twitterer (er…Tweeter?) and now a quasi-mommy blogger. ”I’m moving up the food chain,” as Will would say. This is exciting and scary…challenging and exhausting. But, as with […]