Light in the depth

"Light in the depth", poetry by Roshan James

I dipped a toe To test the warmth Of waves beckoning me Drawing my feet into the shallow tide Innocent in depth and clarity Belying an unexpectedly strong pull Unnoticeably inching me out To unfamiliar and unattempted water Until the ocean floor sank away from my feet And fear would have felt right If not for […]


"Happiest", poetry by Roshan James

The happiest moment in my life Is this moment and the next In which I realize I am still breathing Everything that has come before Collects into what we call the times of our lives Memories mixed to nurture change Growing us forward


"Anticipation", poetry by Roshan James

How long do we wait For a few moments To let fall the words We can’t bear to keep in For the rush of breath, of song To free our hearts thrumming In anticipation