DIY: 5-minute pinless poppy badge and wristlet

As Remembrance Day approaches, I wanted to share with you a couple of designs for pinless poppies that can be worn as a badge or wristlet. This is a poppy craft that you can do with your kids or for yourself and your kids. If you like this craft, please share us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter!!

You should be able to find the material and tools you need in your “miscellaneous” drawer in your kitchen (we all have one of these, right?), and your standard craft supply.

Pinless poppy badge/stickerPinless poppy wristlet

These are particularly good crafts if you like the idea of being crafty, but don’t have the time (or attention span) for a big project. I’m sure more experienced and thorough crafters could take this to the next level… but I’m busy. And, I typically only have 5 minutes to make something between remembering to do the craft and when DD is leaving for daycare in the morning.

If you’re not keen on drawing free-hand, here’s a poppy pattern that you can print and use. The poppy measures just slightly smaller than 3” x 3” (just right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it):

poppy pattern for craft

Poppy badge

Material and tools required:

  • Red and black felt with sticky backing (could also use foam paper with sticky backing)
  • Pen/pencil for drawing/tracing
  • Scissors

Material and tools required for pinless poppy badge/sticker


  1. On the sticker backing for the red felt, draw or trace a poppy shape.
  2. On the sticker backing for the black felt, draw or trace a small circle (roughly the size of the middle area of the poppy shape).
  3. Cut out each shape using your scissors.
  4. Remove sticker backing from black felt circle and place in the middle of the poppy.
  5. Remove sticker backing from poppy and place on shirt, jacket etc.

Draw/trace poppy on back of sticky felt Cut out poppy and draw circle for centre of poppyTwo pieces - poppy and centre of poppyPut centre onto the poppy and you now have a pinless poppy badge/stickerDD proudly sporting the poppy badge

Poppy wristlet

Material and tools required:

  • White paper
  • Red and black markers
  • Ribbon, string, rubber band or something to tie around wrist
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors

Materials and tools for pinless poppy wristlet


  1. Print the poppy pattern above onto white paper.
  2. Cut out the poppy shape.
  3. Use the black marker to colour in the small black circle in the middle of the poppy, and then colour the rest of the poppy using the red marker.
  4. Next, cut the ribbon or string to fit the wrist of whoever is going to wear it, leaving enough length to tie a bow. If you’re using a rubber band, skip this step.
  5. Using two small pieces of tape, attach the poppy to your ribbon, string or rubber band. I recommend using two criss-crossing pieces of tape for better hold.

Draw poppy or print from the printable patternColour in the black centre of the poppyColour in the red flower of the poppyCut out the poppyTape poppy to the ribbon, string or rubber band that you're usingFinished pinless poppy wristletSideview of pinless poppy wristletPinless poppy wristlet


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